Press release – Upper Clutha Children’s Medical Trust

Press release – Upper Clutha Children’s Medical Trust


The Upper Clutha Children’s Medical trust is very pleased to announce that as from 10th November 2014, the Trust  will provide funding for GP consultations for children aged 6 years to 12 years, with the proviso that the child’s family must be resident in the Upper Clutha region, which includes, Wanaka, Hawea, Makarora, Tarras, Queensberry, and Cardrona and be registered with either The Wanaka Medical Centre or The Aspiring Medical Centre.

They must also come within the Trust’s criteria, which is to be able to demonstrate financial hardship.  Any family that receives ‘ Working For Families ’ or other similar financial assistance from government or other sources will be included in the programme.

The Doctors have the discretion to use the Trust funding if a family does not receive Working For Families but they are aware the financial resources of the family are limited and the cost of consultation is likely to result in genuine hardship for the family.                                                     

 The Trust was formed in November 2009 and has now established it’s identity in the Upper Clutha through the many fund raising activities it has carried out, and more importantly, by the support it has provided to a number of families of local children who need medical attention, for which funding is a difficulty. In essence we ‘support local families who are finding it difficult to meet the cost of medical treatment for their children’

Since the trust was established there has been a steady flow of applications.  The Trust had been amazed at the diversity of applications it has received.  Some assistance provided has been of short-term nature, but a number of cases are in respect to chronic long-term medical problems including counselling, speech language therapy, and psychological consultations.

To date we have supported over 100 families.

 Yvonne Gale                                                                     Noeline Harridge                                                  

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