Let’s Play – Tickets available now

Let’s Play – Tickets available now

Why is play so important?
Play the radio audio to hear why Robyn is a leader in ECE education. 

lets play

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to listen to Robin Christie
from Childspace 
about how “PLAY” is so important. 

Play is the ‘work’ of young learners, the vehicle for experimentation and exploration, the most valuable technique for children to research how the world works and for discovering their place within it. As adults, we must keep playing also, not only to discover new skills and ideas, but to model to our children the importance of curiosity, of wonder, and of immense benefits of taking risks and making mistakes.

Childspace encompasses a very similiar philosophy to Aspiring Beginnings where each child is unique and must be treated with acceptance and respect in order to develop to their full potential with responsive, reciprocal and respectful relationships between children, teachers & parents/whanau.

Contact us on 034431181 to purchase tickets or
call into 120 Warren st, 

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