From the first day

From the first day

So what does your child need each day they attend? 

  • A bag big enough to keep all their belongings.
  • A piece of fruit each day to share at morning and afternoon tea.
  • A minimum of two changes of clothing that are comfortable play clothes for exploration and creative endeavours.
  • A reusable waterproof bag for wet clothing and/or cloth nappies. 
  • In Summer:
    – A wide brimmed sun hat,
    – appropriate sun protective clothing that covers the shoulders,
    – to have sunscreen protection on parts of the body that will be exposed to the morning sun

(We apply sunscreen at lunchtime)

  • In winter:
    – A warm jacket, hat & gloves,
    – Shoes that keep the feet dry, and
    – even more spare clothes.
There is no such thing as bad weather only bad clothing

What else do the younger children need to bring?

  • At least 4 to 5 nappies
  • Wipes and nappy liners.
  • Any bottles, milk or formula required.
So that all belongings come home, please name everything. 

Food and drink is provided that has been prepared to fulfil daily nutritional requirements. However if you prefer your child to not have our healthy heart nutritional menu then please pack a lunch box with everything your child will need to fuel their day. 

click here to see a menu sample, or

click here for our lunchbox guidelines

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