Daily menu – What makes it healthy?

Daily menu – What makes it healthy?

We are very proud of the nutritious daily menu we provide for the children. Each meal is planned using a wide variety of healthy food from the four main food groups:

  • vegetables & fruit
  • bread and cereals
  • milk and milk products
  • lean meat or protein sources

Each group contains a mixture of carbohydrate, fat, protein, vitamins and minerals – all of which children need as they grow. We use very little sugar and can easily accommodate special dietary requirements.

kai timeEvery day the children help with setting the tables with child size crockery & cutlery,       providing an environment that is teaching the children to make healthy food choices. Children also need plenty of water which is why we have filtered water available at all times which is also offered every meal time.



To see a sample of our menu click here….

Habits learned in the early years can last a lifetime. It is during the formative years of early childhood that we can have a huge impact, not only on the current wellbeing of children, but their future health also. 



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