Cybersafety – What is it?

Cybersafety – What is it?

Cybersafety’ is:

−  the safe and responsible operation/use, at any time, on or off the centre site, and by any person, of the centre’s Internet facilities, network, and associated ICT equipment/devices.

−  the safe and responsible use by anyone, of any privately-owned ICT equipment/devices on the centre site, or at a centre-related activity.

The Internet, and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) play an increasingly important role in children’s learning, and in the administration of ECE centres. Teachers have a pivotal role in developing the attributes of cybercitizenship in children. Cybercitizenship implies that users of technology are safe, confident and act with integrity. A Cybersafe learning environment is one where ICT is used safely and responsibly to support effective learning and teaching.

To support this we need to have in place a Cybersafety policy. This consists of 3 different sections:

−      Cybersafety Policy  (Click here to read and download the user agreements)

−      Cybersafety Use Agreement for parents/caregivers

−      Cybersafety Use Agreement for all employees of the centre

Please familiarize yourself with the contents of this policy so we may all be safe and responsible users.

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