Tipu (seedlings) programme

Tipu (seedlings) programme

Tipu Seedlings Programme

We offer a caring, nurturing programme that is well planned and adapted to meet the individual needs and routines of a small group of 7-9 infants and toddlers from three months of age to two and a half years of age.

Every day is different in our infant and toddler area, and our programme remains flexible to cater for individual requirements.

We endeavour to keep children’s routines as close as possible to what would happen at home, although we generally sit down as a group for a shared morning tea about 9:45am. Lunch is around 11:30am and afternoon tea is most often as children awake or when required.

We have a very natural environment, providing open ended resources with endless opportunities for the children to explore and investigate, alongside real life resources and heuristic play. Within our programme we follow aspects of the “Pikler” philosophy (Click here to find out more about Pikler).

We view infants and toddlers as: Capable learners and natural explorers who need time, space and freedom in a physically and emotionally safe environment, to progress and develop at their own pace.

When infants initially start they benefit from a couple of pre-visits with caregivers staying to help become familiar with our surrounding. Then we will organise 3 free visits, with a key teacher, before commencing permanent bookings. This process is beneficial for yourself, your child and the teaching team. This also gives you a contact person to discuss daily settling routines.

1st Visit – is ½ hour one to one with the Team Leader. She will introduce you and your child to our programme, the surroundings, discuss routines and explain our enrolment pack.

2nd Visit – is 1 hour. ½ hour to settle your child and then leave the centre for the second ½ hour.

3rd Visit – normal two hour session.

This process will be different for each child and their family and we will all work together to make this transition as smooth as possible.

When children are transitioning to the larger group, we will gradually introduce them to the teaching programme closer to two and a half years of age. Separate information will be provided to parents during transition, which will include information about the daily programme.

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